Intravenous vitamin treatments

In recent years, intravenous vitamin treatments have soared in popularity.

Celebrities and social media influencers say the treatments are the latest wellness must-have. 


Immunity Drips

Commonly known as intravenous vitamin drips is a customized blend of vitamin cocktails that helps to boost you immunity. These special blends are specially formulated to help you slim down, smoothen fine lines, rejuvenating your skin from the inside out. The best part? It’s quick and you’ll feel more radiant than ever.

What to expect?

  • No downtime. This 30 mins infusion can be taken once a week for 10-20 weeks
  • You’ll start to notice a spike in energy after just 2 treatments! Results can be seen as quickly as 4 weeks

Doctor's Orders

  • In order to see better results and increase the glutathione effects, we suggest taking a dose of vitamin C oral supplements daily to maintain the glow